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Luisa Cerano is sponsoring the special exhibition "Modigliani Moderne Blicke" at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart! To coincide with the exhibition, we are launching a limited edition Modigliani Capsule Collection. The collection includes four items in classic black and white, combined with one of the iconic works of the artist Amadeo Modigliani, which expresses the idea of female strength and self-realization.

Just as Modigliani's work expressed the uniqueness and beauty of the feminine, this collection encourages women to feel comfortable in their own skin and celebrate their strength. With the Modigliani Capsule Collection, we celebrate the diversity of femininity and encourage women to showcase their uniqueness.

Each woman is a unique character that tells a story of strength, resilience and individuality. Strong Look, Strong Pose, Strong Woman. Celebrate the Power within and unveil the masterpiece that is you.

Part of the proceeds from the Luisa Cerano x Modigliani Capsule Collection will be donated to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart's "This One's for the Girls" project.